Lifestyle of public transport bus drivers and fare collectors

Morgana Lunardi, Everton Schilling, Manoela Vieira Sousa, Silas Nery de Oliveira, Cintia de La Rocha Freitas


Objective: Analyze and compare the lifestyle of public transport drivers and fare collectors. Methods: Descriptive, quantitative and cross-sectional study with 88 bus drivers and 75 fare collectors from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. To determine the domain scores (nutrition, physical activity, preventive behavior, social relationship and stress control), the Individual Lifestyle Profile questionnaire and anamnesis were applied. Data collection took place from September to October 2016. The maximum significance level assumed was 5% (p≤0.05). Chi-square test was used to assess the association between responses and job function, and T-test for independent samples was used to compare variables between groups. Results: There was a statistical difference (p>0.001) between bus drivers and fare collectors for age (40,36±8,55; 31,30 ± 8,68 years), time in function (11,47±8,53; 6,14±5,46 years) and time in the transport company (12,8±6,64; 6,35±5,56 years) and there was no association between the answers of the questions and the function performed (p>0.05). Considering the five domains, the workers showed negative behavior for nutrition (p=0.68) and physical activity (p=0.50), and regular behavior for preventive behavior (p=0.09), social relationships (p=0.45) and stress control (p=0.98), without significant differences between groups. Conclusion: Comparing bus drivers and fare collectors, it is noteworthy that there are differences in age, time in function and time in the company, but not in lifestyle and the public transport workers have a negative lifestyle profile in nutrition and physical activity.


Life Style; Occupational Health; Health Promotion

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Licença Creative Commons
Esta obra está licenciada com uma Licença Creative Commons Atribuição 4.0 Internacional.
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